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Newsletter for the 2022 New Year Gala-20220108

release time :2022-01-20 16:11:23Author :Fine Technology
Looking back on 2021, under the severe situation, our company met many difficulties and overcame them all. In the first day of 2022, the New Year's Day event was held as scheduled. This is not only an annual summary, but also a carnival for everyone in Feiying family.

Sports and Entertainment Competition
At one o'clock in the afternoon, competition was kicked off in the Cultural and Sports Center. Everyone was encouraged by the fighting spirit.
Look! In the standard indoor hall, we were enjoying the happiness of badminton. After three rounds of competition, Lin Min from the business department won the championship of badminton.

 At the same time, the karaoke competition was also held in the singing room. It was a stage where the stars of Feiying family showed their talent. In the end, Yuan Chengyun from ceramic workshop won the competition.

Let’s look at the pictures of pitching game. The genius shooter of our company had a great time participating in the game.By the way,the materials used in this competition was all recycled.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, the most exciting game “tug of war” began. There were four teams,named “Light Up Life”, “Safe Back Home”, “Never Give Up” and “Spring and Autumn”,participating in the competiton. Most members of our company were cheering for the competitors. Zong Yang, manager of the business department, served as the umpire. As he gave an order, the two teams took movement at once. Tug-of-war is a game which requires everyone to concentrate their force in one direction. The two teams were like the powerful wings of the flying eagle, and spread cheers and spirit of fight to everyone!

After multiple rounds of competition, “Spring and Autumn” team won the championship of tug-of-war. As it is said in the traditional poem of China, “There will be strong wind and great waves, and we will sail until reaching the sea”. In work, the family member of Feiying will also be cooperated like in the tug-of-war competition, and try their best to achieve victory.
Aim high and Achieve the Goal Firmly
At five o'clock, the annual summary meeting started on time.
The special guests of this event included leaders of the town, Chen Wenbo,manager of Pushi Software and his team.

General manger Mr. Jiang firstly made the annual report of "Aim High and Achieve the Goal Firmly".
Mr. Jiang pointed out that 2021 will be a milestone in the history of Feiying. Under the severe situation of epidemic, we got 28% growth on sales, and achieved the annual goal successfully.
The company initially completed the top-level design and worked out a development strategy. New 2.0 system which will be the highway of company information management, was basically completed.
At last, Mr. Jiang put forward the goals and requirements for 2022:
We will be more open-minded and seek motivation for sustainable development. Next year, we will keep on promoting the automatic manufacture; further expand external collaboration and increase production capacity; seize high-quality customers and provide best service; push on new management systems and create better on-site management and so on.

After the report, the annual commendation began.
Firstly, the 2021 Advanced Worker Award was awarded by the Vice Manager of the company Mr. Zhang. 17 employees including Liao Meibang and Xia Wei,were commended. Then the manager of the technical department Mr. Chen announced the Seniority Award. Six old employees including Xia Xinhong and Ni Chunmei,were commended for working in Feiying over 8 years. Vice Manager Mr. Xu announced the 2021 Best Newcomer Award to Xu Feng and Feng Yuhai. Finally, Mr. Jiang announced the Special Contribution Award. Chen Yichun and Hua Weile was commended for their attribution to work and craftsman’s spirit.
After the commendation, the town leader Mr. Xia gave a speech on appreciating the hard work of the Feiying Company’s workers and wished Feiying Company will make greater progress in the new year.

Next, Mr. Chen from Pushi Software introduced the company's new ERP system and described that by using it.Acoording to Mr. Chen,the ERP system will make the management process of the factory be more visualized, standardized and automatic.

After the summary meeting, a banquet was prepared for all the Feiying company members. We enjoyed a great meal as well as fantasy performance.

The sound engineer Xia Zhengbing wrote an impromptu "Baifu Pianzhen" for Feiying on the spot, which gave great wishes to Feiying Company.

In the lucky draw, Guo Xinyu, a beautiful girl from the purchasing department got the biggest prize.

The curtain rose on the new year. In the following days, we will work hard together for the high-quality product and better development of the company!