Product introduction :
1 Working principle: Use thermocouple components to generate thermoelectric potential for the temperature of the long flame to drive the gas valve (solenoid valve). When the space where the burning appliance is lack of oxygen (oxygen content <17% ~ 19%), the temperature of the long flame size flame When the temperature is lower than about 400 ° C, the potential provided by the thermocouple is not enough to maintain the open state of the air valve, thereby cutting off the power supply and ensuring personal safety.
2 Function: Automatic ignition for stove, hypoxia protection.
3 Gas source type: natural gas, liquefied gas.
4 Output potential: ≥12MV.
5 Nozzle: stainless steel, precious stones, copper.
6 The company has multiple imported automatic nozzle processing equipment with a minimum aperture of Φ0.15 ± 0.0015

Product Details