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Deputy General Manager Mr. Xu Meiding attended the 2018 Supplier Conference at the invitation of Zhongshan Paite Electric

release time :2019-12-19 15:23:03Author :Fine Technology
       On March 28, Mr. Xu Meiding, the deputy general manager of the company, attended the 2018 Annual Supplier Conference of Pater at the invitation of Zhongshan Pater Electric Co., Ltd.
       At the meeting, Mr. Liu Yinqiao, Deputy General Manager and Head of Manufacturing Department of Pater made a warm welcome speech. Mr. Hu Shouzhu, the quality manager, reviewed the quality of 2017 and put forward new requirements for the quality work in 2018. The manager of the purchasing department Ms. Xiong Yuxia summarized the procurement work in 2017 and put forward hopes and goals for procurement in 2018.
The conference also awarded awards to suppliers that contributed to the development of Pate in 2017. We are proud to be the outstanding supplier of Pate in 2017, which is an affirmation and encouragement to our company's work. Higher requirements for our future work.
       In the end, Mr. Zhou Liang, the deputy general manager of Pate Company, made a concluding speech.
       Everyone successfully concluded each agenda in a happy and cheerful interaction.
       Pat company also prepared a rich dinner for everyone, the whole process was full of festive and peaceful atmosphere.
       Thank you for your trust in Flying Eagle, and we will redouble our efforts to do a good job.
       Is willing to send special companies to thrive, one year stronger than one year!