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Product introduction :
Silicon nitride high-temperature hot surface igniter is a kind of the most advanced new igniter, which uses the heat conduction of the heating element to ignite. The heating element of the product is made of silicon nitride + molybdenum disilide composite material or sintered with silicon nitride embedded heating wire. The ceramic mount is made of high-purity alumina ceramics, which has extremely high surface density and mechanical strength. .

Product Details

Nitride products:
  Nitride hot surface ignition temperature is one of the most advanced new type of ignition, the use of the heating elements heat for ignition. Products of some of the heating elements using silicon nitride II + Mo composite materials silicides silicon nitride or buried in hot wire from sintering, the ceramic blocks used to install high-purity aluminum oxide ceramic made in the form of an extremely high density and mechanical Intensity. After the power products in a short span of a few seconds of time in order to achieve a greater impact on current ignition temperature. Work, not wet, and so on the environmental impact of electromagnetic fields, but does not own any electromagnetic interference generated in the external environment, with a high rate of fire, safe and reliable, long service life, etc., can ignite a variety of combustible gas, liquid, solid, and other material . Home Gas stoves widely used in high-grade, oven, ovens, water heaters, dryers, incubators, Cainuan Lu, gas-fired air-conditioning and other equipment.
Performance advantages:
  EMI --- no gas to run equipment more stable --- Long-life ignition up to more than 100,000 High-temperature heat, light speed and power --- the moment the temperature up to 1100-1300 degrees --- Safe and reliable ignition single ignited a 100% success rate applicable to oil pollution, humidity, strong electromagnetic field environment / deflagration, more security / anti-surface coking Use a wide range of fuels --- applied to a variety of combustible gases, liquids, solids--- High mechanical strength heating elements for high intensity, high-density silicon ammoniation of composite materials made of, even by a strong external force and are not easy to injury.
And basic types of parameters:
  Power Type: AC DC Voltage: 6V, 12V, 24V, 80V, 98V, 120V, 220V (can be customized according to user needs) Rated Power: 10W, 20W, 50W, 160W, 400W (can be customized according to user needs) Temperature stability: more than 1,100 degrees Celsius Ignition of the main types: NTP-12Series, NTP-24Series, NTP-120Series. NTP-220Series.
   Applicable to a variety of gas appliance ignition devices, including: Gas stove / water heater / dryer / oven, oven / incubator / heating / infra-red radiation source / air-conditioning
  Power-lead: According to the customers to install wiring and power needs, both designed to be able to lead a single connection mode (shell designed to-earth metal) can also become a two-design (often shell color of alumina ceramic insulator) Base: General alumina ceramic insulating material Conductor: high temperature wire. The use of conventional wires high temperature of 200 degrees Celsius (FEP), 250 degrees Celsius heat conductor (PFA), 450 degrees Celsius temperature line (glass fiber mica). Can also be customized according to user needs in other specifications. Flange installation: general use of stainless steel or other material made of carbon steel materials.